Convert Any Custom Text To Links In One Click From Admin Panel

Introducing WP Automatic Links, a simple and light-weight WordPress plugin that allows you to turn any custom text anywhere on your WordPress site to any text link instantly.

And that is not all, you can set the links to open in same or new window and you can also set them to be nofollow so it is ideal for turning custom text to affiliate links. Simply install it, activate it, and start creating, editing, or deleting custom text links automatically across your site.

Very useful for large content sites or sites which you wish to sell in the future because if you use WP Automatic Links to create affiliate links for custom text across your website then you can simply change those affiliate links to another affiliate program link or to the affiliate link of a new owner in just one click with the WP Automatic Links plugin.

Here Is How It Works

All of the “automatically” text on this page and throughout our entire website links to our homepage automatically. We can change this text link to any site of our choice anytime without editing the whole page content. Imagine if you have 10 or 20 or 100 pages and wish to change or update links to texts, WP Automatic Links plugin does it all automatically in one click!

Now you can turn any custom text across you entire website to any link of your choice at any time. You can turn some custom text into affiliate links, some custom text into contact us links, some custom texts into order now links & all with WP Automatic Links in just one click and with unlimited characters or words, the choice is entirely yours.

So go ahead and download the plugin today.

This is an early release plugin and it does have issues and bugs. We are actively developing it and urge caution with usage.