WP Automatic Links wants to give you the most powerful, automatic link creation plugin for internal linking, affiliate links, and other uses. These are the current features.


  • Automatic Link Creation – Specify the target text and create links automatically across your website instantly.
  • Limit Number of Automatic Links per Keyword Per Page – Put a limit on how many of each automatic link should be created on each page/post/post type.
  • Specify Post Type – Create automatic links for only one post type.
  • Open Link in New Window – Set an automatic link to open in a new window/tab (_blank).
  • NoFollow Links – Automatically make your links use the rel nofollow attribute to avoid SEO issues for affiliate links and sponsored links.
  • UGC and Sponsored Links – Automatically make your links use the rel ugc or rel sponsored attribute to avoid SEO issues.
  • Instant Edits / Updates – Apply changes to your automatic links instantly across your entire website. Great for scaling internal link building or changing an external affiliate link.
  • Case Matching – Automatically created links only apply to the exact text you specify, including the case usage. For example “Automatically” does not get a link created but “automatically” does.
  • Post Type Discovery – Plugin automatically detects what post types your WordPress website uses so these can be targeted for automatic links.